The history of shipbuilding in Rothesay, New Brunswick, traces back centuries, woven deeply into the fabric of the town's identity. Situated along the picturesque shores of the Kennebecasis River, Rothesay's shipyards have long been a hub of maritime activity. Since the early days of European settlement in the region, skilled craftsmen and shipbuilders have plied their trade along the riverbanks, harnessing the abundant natural resources and strategic location to construct vessels of all sizes and types. From sturdy fishing boats to majestic schooners, the ships built in Rothesay played vital roles in supporting local economies, facilitating trade along the river, and connecting the town to distant ports and markets. Over the years, Rothesay's shipbuilding industry has evolved in response to changing technologies and economic trends, but its legacy endures as a testament to the town's enduring maritime heritage.

Today, Maritime Marine & Power, a local business nestled in the heart of Rothesay, New Brunswick, stands as a testament to the town's rich maritime history. Drawing inspiration from the legacy of shipbuilding and seafaring that permeates the region, Maritime Marine & Power provides essential marine services to the local community. From boat repairs and maintenance to engine servicing and parts supply, their skilled team ensures that vessels of all sizes continue to navigate the waters of the Kennebecasis and Saint John Rivers and beyond with confidence. With a deep appreciation for Rothesay's maritime heritage, Maritime Marine & Power not only serves the present-day needs of the community but also honors the longstanding traditions that have shaped the town's identity for generations.

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